Welcome to Fletcher Gardener


Fletcher Gardener are the UK's first web based property agent who are uniquely providing all our clients with a FREE Visual House Tour that can be accessed online by prospective buyers. This service is INCLUDED within the standard property/estate agent fee.


Our Visual House Tours are unlike any other you would have seen before. Normally the 360 virtual tours on offer are a one shot, room or exterior panoramic photograph only. We do not think that constitute's being labelled a ‘tour’.


Our Visual House Tours differ in that they allow you to move from room to room (and back again) as if you are actually walking through the house/garden etc. The images are sharp and allow you to pan up to the ceiling, down to the floor, as well as rotate through 360 degrees and zoom in or out for closer detail. On the tour you encounter ‘hot spots’ showing you the direction of the continuation of the tour. Simply click on this ‘hot spot’ and go through into the next area.


The Visual House Tour will never substitute for actually being in the property or garden, but its the next best thing.


If you sign up for your free Visual House Tour we will conduct the tour and then work with your local property/estate agents on a dual agency basis. Your local estate agent will continue to market your property in the traditional way, arrange viewings etc. All this with the added service of a Visual House Tour, included in the normal Property/Estate agent fee. There are no added costs.




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